I Ke Kō a Ke au

After receiving a record-breaking nine awards at the 2017 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, Keauhou quickly returned to the studio to record 15 new tracks, consisting of seven originals and eight renewed gems of mele Hawaii.

This album showcases their signature take on traditional Hawaiian music. Inspired by their kumu and the great mele practitioners who have come before them, Keauhou delivers another unique and satiating contribution to the Hawaiian music scene today.

The new album also features the talents of Keali`i Reichel, Jeff Au Hoy, Halehaku Seabury-Akaka, Frank Ka`iuokalani Damas, and Les Ceballos. Their distinct musical contributions further enrich the signature "Keauhou sound" in bright harmonies.


A new current takes us on a journey. Accompanied by the life-giving sun in the west, the wind at our back, the stars above, and our loved ones beckoning us forward, we all progress confidently into the horizon. With these hoailona, a successful deliverance is imminent. Until then, we follow i ke kō a ke au hou.



Like the currents that have carried our people across the sea, Keauhou is not the destination, nor is it the origin. Keauhou is the journey itself, a connection to the past that lies before us.

The debut album of Jonah Solatorio and brothers, Nicholas and Zachary Lum, promises a unique blend of new and renewed, both familiar and refreshing. From classics that honor prolific haku mele like Helen Desha Beamer and Charles E. King, to original compositions that honor the contemporary Hawaiian experience, Keauhou places ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi in paramount esteem. With special guests, Robert Cazimero, Ainsley Halemanu, Jeff Au Hoy, and Halehaku Seabury-Akaka, this collection of mele makes this debut album a necessity for any Hawaiian music collection.

As the lilt of sweet refrains beckons you into the musical horizons of times past, let Keauhou carry you forward to a place where old and new - the past and future - are one in the same.

E koʻolau ke kō a Keauhou.